Shipping Policy

Hanleysup only supports the delivery of orders within the continental United States, due to the impact of COVID-19, international delivery is temporarily closed.

Shipping time

Orders will be closed at 4 pm EST daily and orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will be postponed to the next working day.

Order processing time is 1-2 working days. Orders placed after 4 pm EST on Friday will be dispatched on the following Monday morning (postponed for holidays).

Product transit time is 1 - 12 working days EST. So the whole delivery time is 2 - 14 working days EST.

For Standard Delivery, product transit time is 3 - 12 working days; for Express Delivery, it will be 1 - 5 days.

Shipping rates

Free shipping on all orders.

Payment methods

We use Square for payment and the following cards are supported: American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and JCB.

Sales tax

Please note that if you place an order online, you will be responsible for all taxes. If your order is then refused, you will still be responsible for charges incurred in shipping the package.

What happens if the goods are not received for a long time?

Please make sure your receiving information is filled out correctly first, if the receiving information is incorrect please be responsible for it yourself. If the receiving information is correct and you have not received the product more than 60 days after delivery, you can choose to get a refund or have it sent to you directly for replacement.

What happens if goods are lost in transit?

We are not responsible for products lost in transit, but we can help you contact the logistics company. You can contact us first to inform us of the problem you are experiencing, and we will arrange customer service to help you with your inquiry.

What happens if the order takes too long to process? (more than 10 working days without special remarks)

If your order takes too long to process, you can request a refund or contact our customer service and we will arrange to ship your order immediately after verification and send you a $15 coupon.

Shipping issues

If you need additional assistance, please call +(1)(318) 753-1359.